Fairburn School


We are now taking applications for out of zone places for all year levels for 2024. 

The Board has determined there may be limited places for out of zone students for 2024.  The exact number of places will depend on the number of  applications from students who live within the school's home zone.  For students seeking enrolment for 2024 a ballot will be held each term . 

Preference will be given to students who meet the criteria for Priority Two to Five.

Term 1 2024 - 
Enrolments due 30th September , date of ballot if required  (5th October) 

Term 2 
Enrolments due 15th March , date of ballot if required (22nd March)

Term 3 
Enrolments due 14th June, date of ballot if required (21st June)

Term 4 
Enrolments due 6th September  
date of ballot if required (30th August)