Fairburn School

special programmes team

Jane Fitzgerald - senco

Our department supports students who have a variety of learning needs. We provide in class support as well as small group withdrawal programmes that develop students' oral language, reading, writing, maths and physical needs. 

Our Senco (Special Needs Coordinator) Jane Fitzgerald is responsible for coordinating the programmes our team of teachers and teacher aides provide students. Jane is also responsible for liaising with numerous agencies and specialists such as psychologists, speech language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, resource teachers and Ministry advisers who provide extra assistance to our students. 

The team

sandra ngawati

sue nevezie

Jill Evans

Venice callendar

Bridget Wadham

heather Watts

Bronwyn Rydon

Kere Epere

Manu Collier

Pritney vesi


Rochelle Aquino

robyn Hamilton

Pratima Soma

deborah iloilo